September News

on September 30, 2015

Welcome to a new year in the art room and our own special place on the website.  This is where I’ll post ‘Artist of the Week’ pictures, pictures of us at work in the classroom, updates on skills we are learning, and art related news.

Speaking of news, we have big changes in the way we do art at St. Egberts.  We are now a choice-based art room, meaning children will be making their own choices about how and what they create in class. This method is based on the TAB philosophy of teaching for artistic behavior.  We have centers in the room where children pick up their needed supplies, including an inspiration center where they can get ideas.  Currently, the drawing, collage and painting centers are open, with more to open as the year progresses.  I’ll elaborate more in future posts.
fish flower
Our first two artists of the week are Luke, from 1st grade and his original collage of a fish and seaweed in the water, and Ingrid, from 5th grade and her interpretation of a Georgia O’Keeffe flower, using blending of tempera paint.  Enjoy!